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Treat Your Erection Issues with Vardenafil HCl

Erectile dysfunction (ED) may be one of the worst things (or condition) that could ever happen to a man.  This inability to produce an erection actually makes their sexual life a bit dull, complicated, and worst of all boring.  This is because without an erection, couples will not be able to have sexual intercourse as an erection is necessary for vaginal penetration.  Fortunately, such erectile issue is no longer such a big problem thanks to ED medications like vardenafil HCl.

Vardenafil HCl is a PDE5 inhibitor drug.  PDE5 inhibitor drug’s main course of action is to allow smooth flow of blood towards the cavities within the penis.  Once the penis becomes engorged with blood, an erection is produced.  However, due to the difference in ingredients used by different ED drugs to achieve the same action, there are obvious differences between ED drugs in terms of effectiveness, duration of the effect, and side effects.  Of course, in this case, vardenafil HCl happens to be the most effective of all ED drugs.  Different survey shows that vardenafil HCl has an 86% efficacy rating, slightly higher than the 84% efficacy rating that other meds offers.  In terms of overall effectiveness, vardenafil HCl always scores the highest among different surveys.

In terms of duration, vardenafil HCl may not offer the longest effective duration, but it still scores second best.  The effective duration of other meds is only 4 hours whereas vardenafil HCl has an effective duration of up to 10 hours.  This is still considerably longer than that offered by other meds, but not so when it comes to the 36 hours offered by tadalafil.  Nevertheless, vardenafil HCl still comes out on top considering that this ED drug also happens to be the most effective.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction on the other hand are familiar with the drug vardenafil HCl because this is the ED drug that offers them the highest efficacy when treating their erectile condition.  When it comes to ED medications, it is those who actually have and suffer from the condition itself are the ones who are mostly knowledgeable on which is better and which one should you buy for your ED condition, with which, in this case, most prefer vardenafil HCl over other ED drugs.  For them, nothing beats vardenafil HCl when it comes to efficacy, safety, fast-acting, and decent duration time.  This makes vardenafil HCl simply the best.

Vardenafil HCl comes in different dosages with 2.5mg being the lowest and 20mg being the highest.  In order to avoid any unnecessary side effects, it is very important that you only take the right vardenafil HCl dose for you.  This makes it essential to consult your issue with a medical professional so that you will get the prescription on your proper vardenafil HCl dosage.  After getting your prescription, make sure to strictly follow the directions given to you by your doctor.  If you feel that the dosage given to you is too much or too little, make sure to never change it by doing self-adjustments on your dosaging.  Instead, try to consult your doctor and tell them about your concerns.

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December 26, 2013 at 6:07 pm
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