Buy Nolvadex Online for Breast Cancer and other Problems

Because of the convenience that today’s technology brings to us, we tend to order a lot of things online nowadays, and as for medicines, for example, people buy Nolvadex (tamoxifen) for treating breast cancer problems.  Did you know that you can buy Nolvadex to help you with other problems such as infertility, bipolar disorder, McCune-Albright syndrome, Riedel’s thyroiditis, and even gynecomastia?

Your doctor will most likely instruct you to buy Nolvadex if you are a woman who is at high risk of developing or you have already developed breast cancer.  Women with DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) who have undergone surgery and radiation are also advised to buy Nolvadex and take it accordingly in order to lower the risk of developing breast cancer.  In case you are someone who has been asked to buy Nolvadex by your doctor, chances are that you may be in danger of developing certain tumors that can lead to breast cancer. Nolvadex is a very effective medication that can prevent the growth of tumors activated by estrogen.

Did you know that aside from breast cancer treatment, you can also buy Nolvadex online for the treatment and prevention of gynecomastia? Gynecomastia is an embarrassing condition of enlarged breasts in males. Nolvadex is usually taken as a preventive measure in small doses, or it is used at the start of any symptom related to gynecomastia such as nipple sensitivity or soreness.

If you are a patient with bipolar disorder, you can also be a candidate for this medication and your doctor may ask you to buy Nolvadex for it. Nolvadex has proven to be effective in treating the mania of people diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Nolvadex blocks a certain protein in the brain called protein kinase C, which regulates neural activities in the brain.  Scientists believe that protein kinase C is overactive when mania strikes in bipolar people. When they ask the patients to buy Nolvadex for it, they tend to improve in time. (more…)

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Tamoxifen Citrate for Breast Cancer Treatment

Tamoxifen citrate is a medication that is commonly used for the treatment of breast cancer in the female populace.  Tamoxifen citrate works by blocking the effects of the hormones that would lead to the worsening of certain kinds of breast cancer in females.  In case you are (or someone you know is) going to take tamoxifen citrate, you should know that this medicine must only be taken for a maximum of 5 years, and no more than that; and if you are going to have to undergo some type of surgery, you must stop taking tamoxifen citrate prior to having your surgical operation.  Also, do not share or give tamoxifen citrate to other people as it may harm their health if it is not really intended for them.  Normally, the pamphlet that comes with your tamoxifen citrate medication will tell you how much of it you must take, and it also tells you when to take your medicine. The dose of the tamoxifen citrate prescribed to you must be followed at all times.  You are not supposed to change the dose of tamoxifen citrate unless you are instructed to do so by your doctor.  In case that you think tamoxifen citrate is making you much worse or you think that it is not working at all, then please consult your doctor.

Just like any other medicine, tamoxifen citrate is something that is not suitable for everyone, and as a matter of fact, some people should never ever use it. Other patients who were prescribed tamoxifen citrate should only take it with utmost special care.  It is very crucial that your doctor must know your entire medical history before prescribing tamoxifen citrate for your breast cancer treatment.  Below are some conditions wherein you are not allowed to take tamoxifen citrate:

  • You are breastfeeding.  Some medicines may pass into the breast milk and your baby may ingest some of the medicine via breastfeeding.
  • You are pregnant or trying to conceive.  Just like any other medication, tamoxifen citrate is believed to possibly affect the development of the baby while inside the womb.  The effect of medication on the baby differs depending on the medicine and the stage of pregnancy while taking it.
  • You have a history of thromboembolic issues.
  • You are allergic or have had allergic reactions in the past to tamoxifen citrate.
  • You are allergic or have had allergic reactions in the past to any ingredients contained in tamoxifen citrate.


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