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Tadalafil Citrate – Making Your Limp Manhood Become Strong Again

When you suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), you will basically be unable to produce a penile erection that is needed for sexual intercourse.  If you cannot produce an erection, your manhood will not be able to vaginally penetrate your partner, and thus, lead to sexual dissatisfaction and sometimes even arguments due to the lack of performance.  In the past, when a man suffers from sexual impotence, they either had to accept the embarrassing sexual condition they have been dealt with, or rely on improvisations such as gadgets and contraptions.  Of course, gone are these days as there are now ED drugs like tadalafil citrate that can help you make your limp manhood become strong again.

Tadalafil citrate belongs to a group of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors, the same group which the pioneer ED drug Viagra belongs to.  These drugs are classified together because they have basically one course of action – the smooth flow of blood into the penis so that an erection can be produced.  Of course, even though they have the same mechanism of action, the difference in the active ingredients they use to make their drugs makes the overall effect of each drug different and also unique.  Tadalafil citrate is the generic name of the drug Cialis and therefore uses tadalafil citrate as its main active ingredient.

Tadalafil citrate was initially developed by the pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly, and sold under the brand name Cialis.  The main selling point of the ED drug Cialis or its generic equal, tadalafil citrate is that it offers the longest effect time of any other ED drug.  Tadalafil citrate has an effect time of up to 36 hours, nearly a day and a half long effect and nearly four times as long as its nearest competition.  For this reason, many man suffering erectile dysfunction who into feeling like they have normal erectile function choose tadalafil citrate over other ED drugs because they are able to achieve an erection at any time of the day without being limited to the 4-10 hours of effect that other ED drugs offer.

The best thing about the long effect time that tadalafil citrate offers is that your sexual activity within the day is not limited with the short effect time that other ED treatment medications have to offer.  Since you are only allowed one dose of ED meds per day, if the effect of the drug has worn off, then you will need to wait another day before you can take another dose of ED meds.  This can be a drag if you and your partner have those sexual urges at any time of the day.  However, with tadalafil citrate, this is not a problem as tadalafil citrate provides you with nearly a day and a half of erectile function.  The best part is, after a whole day has past, even though tadalafil citrate is still effective in your system, you can take in another dose of tadalafil citrate, thus giving you a nearly non-stop erectile function.  In fact, if you do some daily dosing of tadalafil citrate, you will basically have a normal-like erectile function as you are able to produce an erection at any time of the day, much similar to when you still had normal penile function.

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