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Daily Use of Finasteride 1mg will Help You Treat and Forget about Your Hair Loss

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If you suffer from hair loss, you are not alone.  There are actually millions of men all over the world who suffer from this condition.  If you have any immediate family who has it, if you are male, then there is a high chance that you may acquire the condition as well.  To effectively treat this condition, you can use Propecia or its generic alternative finasteride 1mg.  Whether branded or generic, both medications use the exact same ingredients in making the drug, so their overall effect in essence is the same.

Propecia generic is actually the only approved medication in treating male pattern baldness by the American Food and Drug Administration.  This is simply further proof of its effectiveness.  Whereas other hair loss treatments are mostly concentrated on the external side of the head, Propecia generic actually treats the condition from within our body.  Keep in mind that Propecia generic is a medication treatment which means that Propecia generic is ingested orally to help fight against male pattern baldness.

Once you start using Propecia generic on a daily basis, it will take around 3-4 months before you start seeing any noticeable results on the improvements of your hair strands and hairline.  It actually takes this long because Propecia generic is a hormonal treatment which means results are not immediately noticeable.  Nevertheless, Propecia generic is very effective in treating such.  In fact, Propecia generic is actually the most effective hair loss treatment and no other drug even comes close to matching Propecia generic in terms of its effectiveness in treating androgenic alopecia.

For those who suffer androgenic alopecia, it is likely that they have tried different medications to help them with their hair loss – possibly to help slow down the condition.  Most hair loss treatments actually functions like this, but they can only work up to some point.  Propecia generic, being a treatment that works hormonally, is actually different as it works better the longer you use it.  This is because male pattern baldness is triggered by a hormone called dihydrotestosterone.  The main action of Propecia generic is to inhibit, stop, or limit the production of this hormone.  Once the level of this dihydrotestosterone hormone drops, then the thinning of hair follicles will lessen and eventually no longer occur as long as the production of dihydrotestosterone is continuously suppressed by taking Propecia generic daily.

There are actually a lot of men who will testify to the effectiveness of Propecia generic when it comes to treating hair loss issues caused by male pattern baldness.  If you are interested in taking this amazing treatment for balding men, it will be more economical for you to buy generic and online.  There are many online merchants that sell Propecia generic which means it will not be difficult for you to find a web shop that sells this treatment drug.  To get more savings when buying Propecia generic, it will pay to buy in bulk as not only will each dosage of Propecia generic get lower, but there is a chance that you may even get free sample dosages of Propecia generic.

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