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Azithromycin Tablets – What Are They?

Azithromycin tablets, commonly known for its brand name as Zithromax, are a popular option antibiotic drug for the treatment of a wide variety of infections. Azithromycin tablets are especially intended to kill bacterial infections, thus making it ineffective for viral or fungal infections. Therefore before you conclude about what antibiotic to take you should be aware first as to what kind of infection you are getting so that you will know whether azithromycin tablets are the right medicines for you. Whether it is viral, sexual, or fungal type of infections, there is an appropriate drug for that.

Azithromycin tablets can treat infections of the skin, respiratory system, ears, stomach, and even some sexual infections. However, the dosing may vary. We do not recommend you to experiment with the dosing of azithromycin tablets since you can easily buy them over the counter. Only your doctor can advise you what dosage is appropriate for you, and what length of time you should be maintaining the antibiotics to ensure that you are already clear of the infection. The length of time in taking azithromycin tablets is very important. If you happen to stop the treatment because you are thinking that you have recovered already, there are chances that you might be missing out the last bacteria that should be killed at that moment. As a result, the left over bacteria will start to grow and multiply again. This is the reason why some people experience the same infections again because they stopped taking the treatment before the recommended due date.

Just like any other drugs, azithromycin tablets should be taken with precautions. You are not to use azithromycin tablets if you have known allergies to any of its ingredients, or to other drugs with similar components like telithromycin, clarithromycin, and erythromycin. Some drugs might also have dangerous interactions when taken together with azithromycin tablets. If you are not sure about this, you may ask your health care provider for a complete list. This is the very reason why before you are prescribed with azithromycin tablets by your doctor, he will ask you what medicines you are currently taking. Honestly provide your doctor a list of drugs and even supplements that you are recently taking so that he can determine whether it is appropriate to take azithromycin tablets together with your regimen. You should also inform your doctor if you are having a liver or kidney problem, myasthenia gravis, Long QT history, and a heart problem so he can deal your health condition appropriately.

Today you may avail azithromycin tablets over the internet if you think buying them over the counter is too expensive and inconvenient. In fact, more and more people trust online pharmacies because you get the same high quality of drugs at lower prices. Discounts could also be enjoyed so you get your treatment without hurting your pocket.

Once you have your azithromycin tablets, the number one rule is proper storage to keep the medicines fresh. Do not forget to dispose expired drugs to avoid reusing them in the future.


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