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International Gender and Trade Network (IGTN)
The International Gender and Trade Network, headquartered in Washington, is a network of feminist gender specialists who provide technical information on gender and trade issues to women's groups, NGOs, social movements and governments. IGTN acts as a political catalyst to enlarge the space for a critical feminist perspective and global action on trade and globalization issues. It is a Southern-led network that builds South/North cooperation in the work of developing more just and democratic policy from a critical feminist perspective. IGTN is organized in eight regions: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Pacific.

One of IGTN's programme areas is Intellectual Property Rights. IGTN maintains that countries have the sovereign right and responsibility to protect their communities' health, biological, and agricultural resources, and conserve their biological diversity and rejects the inclusion of Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) in global, regional, and bilateral trade agreements. Moreovoer, IGTN opposes the inclusion of IPR in trade agreements for all of these reasons and also because this inclusion is a direct assault on the sovereign rights and responsibilities of nations and ignores the fundamental role that women and indigenous communities play in maintaining and securing these rights around the world.

Website: www.igtn.org [new window]

International Gender and Trade Network (IGTN)
Head Office
1225 Otis Street, NE
Washington, DC 20017

email: secretariat@coc.org

International Gender and Trade Network (IGTN)
Coordinator of the IGTN/Geneva Office: Maria Pía Hernández
15 rue des Savoises
1205, Geneva

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