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ActionAid Brasil
ActionAid Brasil was established in 1999 to empower impoverished people and their organisations, fostering and encouraging the development of talent and potential through capacity-building activities, so that poor people themselves can build their own path out of the self-perpetuating cycle of poverty.

The work of ActionAid Brasil also includes the pursuit of citizens' knowledge of their rights, and the end to discrimination based on gender, race or sexual orientation. The organisation seeks solutions to the lack of public infrastructure and services such as sanitation, health services, education and leisure facilities.

ActionAid Brasil also plays an active part in the broader ActionAid campaigns that seek to raise public awareness and mobilise society in national and international debates. It is currently involved in the campaign against Genetically Modified Organisms; the campaign for a higher quality public education system; and the campaign for the rights of family farmers.

Website: www.actionaid.org.br

ActionAid Brasil
Executive Director: Jorge Romano
Rua Santa Luzia, 651 / 17 floor - Centro
Rio de Janeiro

email: actionaid@actionaid.org.br

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